Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Morghan

Today is my youngest grand daughters 5th birthday. I can't believe it. She will be starting school this fall. I have a close bond with all my grand children and I think that they are the best there is. But Mo is the only one that I got to deliver. Yes, you read that right, and no it was not planned that way, and no there was no Doctor. Amanda went into labor, went to her Dr. who said it was the early stages to go back home and rest. Well by late afternoon she decided it was time to head into the hospital, so she called me at work and I left to meet them there. After much waiting and walking, they decided it was false labor and sent her home with a sleeping pill to help her relax (ya right). So my husband stopped to get the meds and I took them on home. In the mean time Stephanie dog got lose and killed Madysens pet rabbit, so Brad went over to bury it. Now the fun really starts, it wasn't false labor and she wanted to push NOW!!!!!!!!!!!I call Stephanie and told her to get over here and to send her dad home NOW. So while Brandon was on the phone with 911 getting instruction, I got to be the first one to lay hands on her. The EMT's pulled in as Morghan came into this world. The sight of my baby grand daughters head cradled in my hands is indescribable. It's a moment I will cherish forever.

So much has happened to us in the last five years, some good, some not so good. But this is one memory that I will never forget.


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