Tuesday, July 26, 2011


July 23, 2011 is my oldest daughters birthday.  I won't tell anyone how old she is, that will be our little secret.  She keeps amazing me on how she keeps up with 3 kids.  So why her husband and oldest son was out camping with the boy scouts, we (as all of the family) went out to dinner then to a drive in movie.  It was a very relaxful evening filled with love.  Happy Birthday Sweetie. 
 I Love You, Mom

Monday, July 25, 2011


It's hard to believe that this little bundle of joy has turned into this wonderful little girl.  And what an imagination.  Here are few examples of some conversations with her mother.

" My little girl told me today all she wanted for her birthday is just to spend time with her family.... At 6 years old she is so wise to what really matters in life :) and then she asked if i could take her to Disney world today ahh to be 6 again.   July 14 at 11:43am"
"• "Morghan what do you want for you birthday?"-Me   "A Pool"-Mo     "like a blow up pool we had last year?"-Me
"No like the one at a hotel! With a slide ooo and a real dolphin like flipper... and some starfish- real ones like on nemo and a sea turtle with a purple shell!" -Mo   "Anything else" -Me    "Nope I think that covers it"-Mo
July 6 at 4:09pm • "

 and then today 
"Mo did you clean your room"?-me    "No"-mo    "Why?"-me
"Because its just going to get messy again...Whats the point?"-mo

OH yes what a girl.  Happy Birthday

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


After working 6 days a week again, I was looking forward to a 3 day weekend.  Getting some chores done, relaxing and maybe a cook out with the kids. WRONG!!!!!
I ended up being called into work on Saturday, cleaned house on Sunday and today I did get to watch my grand kids. That was a fun time.

But the only think I kept thinking about is the big 4th of July parties that Brad & I use to have.  The grill going, good food and lots of  family and friends to share with.  Then off to the fireworks.  Spread out the blankets, snack on leftovers, lay back and watch the show.  But those days are over and not to return.  The kids are busy with their own life's and traditions die.  So I worked and then came home and did chores.  I did get to watch the grand kids but no cook out, no celebration, no family.  Just a lot of memories of the past and the loneliness has come back, once again.