Thursday, August 26, 2010


Annie was my daughters cat that she found when she was in third grade.  Doc figured at the time she was 2-3 yrs old.  She was a long hair tortie, she was beautiful.  Annie has lived with us for 16 yrs, so that would make her 18 yrs old.  Last night she left me to go and live with my husband.  I knew yesterday that she was leaving us.  All she did was sleep and she wouldn't even get up to eat.  The strange thing is most of the other cats kind of just disappeared.  It's like they new something was going on.  Only 2 came down and ate dinner and this morning I could not find a single one of them.  I know they are also feeling the lose and will have to make their adjustments of having her gone.  Annie was one of a kind, most defiantly a princess, at least she thought so.  She ruled the house that is for sure.  She was greatly loved and is greatly missed.  But I have to believe that she is now forever young and she is with her baby dog.  Baby our Shepard mix use to chew on Annie, all the time.  Annie just loved it, and it would drive us crazy.  One day when I had taken Annie to the vet, he could not figure out why all the hair around her neck was short when the rest was long.  I had to tell him that Baby loved chewing on her.  All he said as he shook his head was oooohhh.

I love you Annie

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Mason

Yesterday Aug.19, my grandson Mason turned 8 yrs. old. (I kept telling him he was only 5. He would roll his eyes and say GrandMA you know I'm 8.) Yes, I know, I just don't want to admit it. We went out to a pizza place had dinner and the kids all played video games. It was a great evening and he got a lot of great gifts. What I enjoyed most was just watching the kids interact with each other. They range from 11 years old to 2 yrs. And all of the older kids take care of the little ones. It makes my heart melt to watch them. They are so lucky to be this close to each other.
Well back to Mason my wonder boy. He is so into baseball and he is so goooood at it. So he got a lot of baseballs and bats, etc. He had asked for a bucket of baseball. I couldn't find a bucket of them, but I found a bag of them. That gave him a dozen new ones to go with the dozen or more he already has of them. Crazy kid.

His mother, my oldest, keeps wondering where all the time has gone and what has happened to her baby boy. (I have been wondering about that with my own kids.)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I did it!!!!!!!!! I know it doesn't sound like much and I don't know why it bothered me so much...But tonight I went to a restaurant and had dinner, BY MYSELF. That is the one thing that I just couldn't bring myself to do. I don't know why, I have gone out and ate by myself during my lunch break, I have gone to the movies by myself, and I have traveled again by myself. But I just couldn't bring myself to go in and sit down and eat by myself. But tonight I did it. I just didn't want fast food and I didn't feel like bring in take I did it. And it wasn't too bad. Yes I was the only single in there tonight, but my server was very pleasant and I also took in a new book to start.

So I have survived another first.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Hate Cars

I hate cars. Don't get me wrong I love my car, but why can't it be patient when it needs something. Like if I see something that I need or want, I budget for it and plan, save my money and go get it. BUT no, not the car. I noticed that the tires are starting to wear and I had a slow leak in one. Ok, so new tires on the list. I know that I will need them this fall, as like in 1-2 months. So I commence to saving and planning. The slow leak isn't to bad, I just need to add air about once a week. So Monday I get up, get ready for work, go and get into the car and take off. As I pull out of the drive way something is differently wrong, so I pull back in. Said tire isn't low, it's flat. Great, ok so tires are moving up, but I have a couple of bills that I have to pay first. So I fill up the tire and think to myself hold on for 10 days and then the tires. Go to work. Get off work and tire is FLAT again, ok this is getting old. I go back to the barn fill up tire and go home. Next morning, you got it, flat again. Go though the same routine, go to work, co-worker comes in an hour later and tells me that I have a flat. Now this is getting really old. So I guess I will but a tire today and the rest in a couple of weeks. Linda (co-worker) has a friend who has a tire shop. They will bring out the tire and change it for me in the parking lot. Great and it will only be 60.00 for all of it. So I call them and they said yes and what time was I off work. I told them 5 and they would be out before then.
So as I sit there at 5 after 5 I call them and I'm told they are not coming because they made 2 different bolt patterns for my car so I would have to bring it to them.(a phone call would have been nice!) I'm told to put the donut on and bring it in, oh and they are closing in 45 mins. So thanks to my very good friend and family, we put the car in the barn, got a lift home and back to work today. And now my car is having 4 new tires put on it. I HATE CARS.