Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Mason

Yesterday Aug.19, my grandson Mason turned 8 yrs. old. (I kept telling him he was only 5. He would roll his eyes and say GrandMA you know I'm 8.) Yes, I know, I just don't want to admit it. We went out to a pizza place had dinner and the kids all played video games. It was a great evening and he got a lot of great gifts. What I enjoyed most was just watching the kids interact with each other. They range from 11 years old to 2 yrs. And all of the older kids take care of the little ones. It makes my heart melt to watch them. They are so lucky to be this close to each other.
Well back to Mason my wonder boy. He is so into baseball and he is so goooood at it. So he got a lot of baseballs and bats, etc. He had asked for a bucket of baseball. I couldn't find a bucket of them, but I found a bag of them. That gave him a dozen new ones to go with the dozen or more he already has of them. Crazy kid.

His mother, my oldest, keeps wondering where all the time has gone and what has happened to her baby boy. (I have been wondering about that with my own kids.)

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