Thursday, August 26, 2010


Annie was my daughters cat that she found when she was in third grade.  Doc figured at the time she was 2-3 yrs old.  She was a long hair tortie, she was beautiful.  Annie has lived with us for 16 yrs, so that would make her 18 yrs old.  Last night she left me to go and live with my husband.  I knew yesterday that she was leaving us.  All she did was sleep and she wouldn't even get up to eat.  The strange thing is most of the other cats kind of just disappeared.  It's like they new something was going on.  Only 2 came down and ate dinner and this morning I could not find a single one of them.  I know they are also feeling the lose and will have to make their adjustments of having her gone.  Annie was one of a kind, most defiantly a princess, at least she thought so.  She ruled the house that is for sure.  She was greatly loved and is greatly missed.  But I have to believe that she is now forever young and she is with her baby dog.  Baby our Shepard mix use to chew on Annie, all the time.  Annie just loved it, and it would drive us crazy.  One day when I had taken Annie to the vet, he could not figure out why all the hair around her neck was short when the rest was long.  I had to tell him that Baby loved chewing on her.  All he said as he shook his head was oooohhh.

I love you Annie

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