Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Hate Cars

I hate cars. Don't get me wrong I love my car, but why can't it be patient when it needs something. Like if I see something that I need or want, I budget for it and plan, save my money and go get it. BUT no, not the car. I noticed that the tires are starting to wear and I had a slow leak in one. Ok, so new tires on the list. I know that I will need them this fall, as like in 1-2 months. So I commence to saving and planning. The slow leak isn't to bad, I just need to add air about once a week. So Monday I get up, get ready for work, go and get into the car and take off. As I pull out of the drive way something is differently wrong, so I pull back in. Said tire isn't low, it's flat. Great, ok so tires are moving up, but I have a couple of bills that I have to pay first. So I fill up the tire and think to myself hold on for 10 days and then the tires. Go to work. Get off work and tire is FLAT again, ok this is getting old. I go back to the barn fill up tire and go home. Next morning, you got it, flat again. Go though the same routine, go to work, co-worker comes in an hour later and tells me that I have a flat. Now this is getting really old. So I guess I will but a tire today and the rest in a couple of weeks. Linda (co-worker) has a friend who has a tire shop. They will bring out the tire and change it for me in the parking lot. Great and it will only be 60.00 for all of it. So I call them and they said yes and what time was I off work. I told them 5 and they would be out before then.
So as I sit there at 5 after 5 I call them and I'm told they are not coming because they made 2 different bolt patterns for my car so I would have to bring it to them.(a phone call would have been nice!) I'm told to put the donut on and bring it in, oh and they are closing in 45 mins. So thanks to my very good friend and family, we put the car in the barn, got a lift home and back to work today. And now my car is having 4 new tires put on it. I HATE CARS.

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