Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I'm sorry that I haven't posted this past month. I had to get past Brads Birthday, the anniversary of my dad's death and my bosses failed attempt at surgery to remove his cancer. So it's been a long month and a very depressing month. But I have come though it and I'm feeling better. Actually Brad's birthday wasn't to bad this year. I missed him and had a sad time in the evening, but the day wasn't all that bad, same with my dad. So I guess I'm coming to terms with everything. I find that I'm not crying as much and smiling more.

As to my boss, when they went in to do surgery they found that the cancer has spread more that they had hoped for. So for now they are doing chemo and in hopes that it will shrink the tumors enough so that they MIGHT be able to remove them. Needless to say we are all keeping him in our prayers.

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