Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I was really looking forward to a new year.  It had to better, I  don't think any one can go thought another year like 2010.  No jobs, no money just so very sad.  So I spend the 1st day of the New Year with my very special sister.  We had so much fun I hated to leave.  We have to make a point of spending more time together this year.  Well I should have stayed at her house.....forever!

We knew that my dear friend and co-worker's husband had kidney cancer and had to have surgery on 1/4/11. So here is a quick summary on the first week of 2011.

Said husband comes though surgery only to have good kidney shut down.  It was touch and go for the whole week.  He is doing better and hopefully will come home this week.  Oh, she just got a phone call from him and now he has a collapse lung.

Another dear friends brother in law has a brain tumor and has been given less then 2 months to live.  It's a free for all and the fighting has already started between the kids.

My oldest daughter has been having some health questions so they ran a lot of different test before the holidays.  She got a phone call that she needs to come and go over the results because something came back.  What and how bad is yet to be seen.

My  part time Saturday girl, daughter is in liver failure and has been given less the 6 month to live and she has found out that she needs surgery and will be seeing the surgeon in Feb.

And yes the boss still had stage 4 cancer.

I'm seriously thinking about hanging a sign up saying "see you next year" !

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