Thursday, August 11, 2011


Two weeks ago my oldest grand daughter and I started taking cake decorating classes. (I know that everyone that knows me, already knows I have done many, many cakes.  For weddings, graduations and even for one of our local GM plants.  So I know a little about cake decorating.)  When we where in Florida this spring visiting her other grand parents. And Madysen was looking at Granny's cake decorating books.(Granny has been taking classes in FL.)  Madysen really wanted to learn how so I told her I would take some classes with her.  So finally after many months of waiting, we found a class that worked with both of our schedules.  So the first night we just practiced the basics, but the second night we got to do our first class.  Her is a picture of her first cake.  She did a great job and I so pround of her.  I so enjoy spending time with her. 

So on the way home after class we where talking about the next class and the fair that was coming up.  Also that she wanted to bake her brothers cake for his birthday this Friday.  When she looked at me and said "you are awesome" .  I can't begin to tell you what that did to me.  God, I'm so lucky.  And she is pretty AWESOME herself. 

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