Wednesday, October 12, 2011


 I know it's been awhile but you have know idea what it's been like.  Both of my son in laws have been busy and gone due to work.  So I have been working and helping the girls.  The boys are back, but I still don't have alot of time..  Or so it seems. 

Went to my 40th class reunion.  It was so fun to see everyone and play catch up after 40 yrs.  I have kept in touch with a couple of the girls, but to see everyone was great.

At work we just finished the 2cd barn sale of the year.  It was a very big hit.  I don't know how Lisa does it.  She works at it for 6 month, have the sale.  Then  she cleans out the rest and starts over.  Talk about a job.

And all of my grand children are in school this year.  Even my 3 year old is going to pre school.  Where has the time gone.

Well fall is in the air, and winter is coming.  Maybe I will have more time then.

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