Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feb.24, 2010

I didn't have go into work this morning. We are closed because of death in our work family. It's such a sad time, my heart goes out to family. So I have time to play at the computer before I have to go to the funeral.

It's cold this morning and we have a little snow coming in. But I did get my taxes paid. So I get to stay in my house for another year. They had made a big mistake in my taxes like a extra 1700.00 mistake. They told me that I would have to pay it and then apply to get it back. Well after many phone calls (and a very helpful lady at the treasures office), they fixed the mistake before I had to pay. Thank you so very much. So instead of 4200.00 it was only 2500.00 a big difference. They also told me that because of housing market and school millage change (the school bond was paid) next year my taxes should only be around 1500.00. yippee I hope they are right. But for now I'm happy and the county is happy. Now maybe I can finish getting hooked up to natural gas.

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