Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm Smiling

After a very rough time of it, the evening turn out wonderful. My girls kept calling and checking on me and tonight we all went out for pizza. Afterwards Amanda and Brandon came back to my house. We got some yard work done, garbage out, and he fixed my washer. YAAAAAAAAAA no more 6 hrs to do a load. We have all been under so much stress and it was coming out all over the place. I guess I was taking it all to heart when it wasn't meant for me. They where just venting and I was holding it all in. I feel so much better, at least for now.

I just got done talking to Step and seeing how everything is going for her. 10 more days and we head to Florida to see Rich. I know she is excited and so are the kids. I'm looking forward to also. Well I'm going to go take my shower and have pleasant dreams.

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