Sunday, December 19, 2010

39th Wedding Anniversary

This past Friday Dec. 17, would have been our 39th wedding anniversary.  I can't believe it.  If you add in the year we dated, that would make it 40 years.  So I had 2 melt downs, 1 on Thursday night and the other when I woke up Friday morning.  After that I was OK.  I remember the dating, the planning.  We where going to get married in March.  The last weekend of the month.  Had all the reservations, invitations ordered, cake, etc.  But then my Mom & Step Dad got transferred to North Carolina so all the plans changed.  And I think that was a blessing.  Instead of 200 - 300 people, it was just close friends and family.  I can say we sure did enjoy ourselves.  I was small but just right.  I gave a lot of thought to our honeymoon, and the beginning of our new life.  And oh what a life it was.

But at work, my dear friend came in first thing in the morning, and gave me a gift.  I was a nerf gun, and I started laughing.  I had been wanting a small one for the office.  So the games began.  The first one that got it was the boss.  He took it away from me and started firing back.  Then Linda got fired on.  But the best on was Ron, (our maintenance man)  he jumped about a 1' when I shot at him.  It's hard to be sad when you are laughing so hard.  I had decided to take a 1/2 day off of work.  And just before I left I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  The card said "we love you".  So I thank the girls in the office, and got blanks looks.  Next I asked my boss if he had done it.  Nope.  So it took a while but I found out it was my daughter.  She was so thoughtful.

I still miss him still so very much, but I'm remembering the good times more.

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