Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dec. 30, 2009

Well the holidays are almost over. I had a few bad moments, but over all it was much better this year. I laughed more and really enjoyed the kids and grand kids. I didn't get the tree up until the Sunday before Christmas, but it's OK. Both my kids thought the tree was alot bigger when they where little. I guess I should explain. I used the tree that we use to use when the girls where younger. Since they have left home we bought a 7ft fiber optic tree, only this year we couldn't find the base. So my son in law found the old one in the basement and brought that one up to use. I have to say, that for a tree that is 30 yrs old, it looked real good. I was quite surprised how good it looked. But both of my girls thought that it had shrunk. It's funny how things look differently from when we are small to when we are all grown up.
With alot of help from my youngest the living room looks great. It still needs to be painted, but boy it really looks great. They wouldn't let me in while they cleaned the carpet, hung the drapes and put the furniture in place. They did such a good job. Now if I can get the rest of the house done. It's time to clean out and clean up the upstairs.
I know I joke about how I like it cooler then most people, and I do. But I sure wish I could get hooked up to natural gas. I'm milking the propane, (I can't afford to buy 250 gals) so it's colder then I like it. I so wish for a warm spell. Maybe I will get hooked up soon. I hope.
I will miss sitting in the hot tub waiting for ball to drop. That is how Brad and I use bring the New Year in. This year I will probley be in bed sleeping. We never did much celebrating. So I hope everyone has a good New Years.

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