Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan. 31, 2010

The birthday party was so good. He had so much fun with his trucks and toys. I have to say he looked pretty sharp in his new cowboy boots and Harley motorcycle jacket. I will post pictures later. His mother is trying to get better ones. He was to busy to stand still very long. If we could only keep them little for ever...

My son in law Rich and I was watching all the kids playing and he made a comment regarding his two sons. That he was not looking forward to the teenage years and that he would probley know all the local cops on first name basis. Not that they are bad boys, they are just boys! Richie is the mouth and Mason is the action. And lord help us. I on the other hand can sit back and almost picture them as teens. It will be very interesting and could be amusing also. I'm glad that I'm just the grandmother. Yup, boys are different...but you got to love them.

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