Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mar. 10, 10

Well today is my 57th birthday. It's a day of mixed blessings and I'm not sure which one has more in it. It's been 11 years since I loss the women who gave me life. The pain is less but it's always there, just like with Brad. I can go down memory lane and not cry all the time. The women that gave me life was a very special person. I just wish that my kids knew that person instead of the one she became because of so many of life's disappointments.

I remember just the three of us and we had so much fun. I think that she really enjoyed us girls. Don't get me wrong, she was a hard parent. She expected 110% of you, she was a very firm parent. There was no foolin her. But for a single working mom of the 60's she was good. I have so many happy memories and they definitely make the blessing basket over flowing. But it's a hard time celebrating my birthday with out her, Let alone knowing that she left us on this day. And of course there is the fact I don't have Brad with me either. No lunch with mom and no dinner with Brad. But not to worry the kids are planning dinner and a small celebration. I just the hope that the ghosts of my loved ones will be there with us.

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  1. they will be there and they are with you everyday. this was my 3rd birthday without dad and it was just as hard as the day we lost him. but know he is with us and i still hear his laughter everyday. As for you, you are my best-friend and the memories we have of our family and the memories we r still making are my blessings. Im very blessed to have such a wonderful mother. Happy birthday