Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mar. 2, 2010

It's some what sunny today and warmer. I have a horrible cold and feel darn right crappy. Amanda called me in the middle of the night about Bradley (my 2yr old grandson). He has been sick for the past week, running a fever and the works. Well his temp finally came down alright, like reading 95 and he was yellow. So into the hospital she goes with him. After several hours they can't find anything wrong and his temp. finally came back up so home he went. (That was around 8 this morning) By 11 AM his temp is back up to 101 so she called the Dr. and is taking him back at 3:30. This is a crock, they need to find out what is wrong with him and figure out how they are going to treat him. I swear some hospitals and Dr (especially in our county) needs to go back to med school. This is the same hospital and staff that treated my daughter who had tonsillitis by giving her vicodin instead of antibiotics. See what I mean, repeat med school please. They are also a branch of the hospital that sent the same daughter home saying she was having false labor and we delivered her baby 3 hrs. later at home. That is why I don't go to that hospital. I hope she calls soon. I know Brad, calm down, I hear you. It's just not working.

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