Monday, April 19, 2010

Just a Monday

It was very very cold this morning. We had a freeze warning last night but now it's in the high 50s and the sun is out. I know this week will go by fast and then I'm leaving for a long weekend with my sister. I can't wait. It's been to long. But that will be for a later post. I will concentrate on this past weekend.

As I mentioned before we are getting ready for the big barn sale. I knew my one daughter needed a bed and the other washer & dryer. And we had some of each. So they came out to look. Had a lot to look at and they found some nice deals. They each got what they needed, but sometimes I feel that instead of helping out with getting used ones, I should be buying new ones. And I just can't afford it. It's not anything they expect me to do, but I feel guilty. I know it's just me picking up on their feelings that they wish they could just buy new items.

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