Thursday, May 13, 2010


The recital was great. Madysen was in four different dances. I liked the last one best, she didn't. That one was more ballet and the others where tap & jazz. She continues to amaze me as she grows. She is really getting very good. I'm so proud of her.
Boy I started this one a week ago, but have been so busy I never finished it. So here I go. I do enjoy watching the little ones dance, they are so funny. But I wish that they would cut down on the instructors that dance. I would say that takes up 50% of the recital. I mean we go to watch our kids and grand kids, right?
And speaking of grand kids, I swear that grand daughter of mine can not keep her feet still. I'm willing to bet that she even dances in her sleep. I was walking behind her the other day and sure enough she was dancing all the way down the walk. She makes me tired just watching her. Even standing still her feet are moving. Maybe some lead weights would help.

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