Monday, May 24, 2010

The Sun is Out

It's Monday and the sun is out, and before this week is over we will be yelling that it's to hot. I think only in Michigan can you go from frost to heat exhaustion in a day. No kidding, last week low was in the 30's to 40's highs 60-70, now they are forecasting 90. No one is ready for August temps. But what can we do, so lets enjoy the sun for now and pray that our AC works.

I went to my grand kids party on Saturday. Step had all 3 kids birthday party at the roller rink. They had so much fun. Even Rich (who had never roller skated before) put on a pair and gave it a try. He didn't do to bad, no spills or anything. But on the way there, I stopped at a burger place and picked up a cheeseburger. By that night I was so sick, I was in bed or the bathroom most of Sunday. I'm better today, at least I'm at work. So next weekend I hope to get the yard work done that I didn't get done this weekend.

I went to the free clinic on Friday for a check up. I don't get it, the Dr. there this time said my sugar levels where great, but he increased my meds. Then he asked about my BP, I gave him the info and I asked why it would drop every now and then. And again, even at the lowest he said I have great BP, and again he changed it. Then we had words about my arthritis meds. He didn't want me taking any because of my sugar and it could cause kidney damage. After much arguing, he wrote on my chart that he was giving them to me against his better judgement. But he increased the amount. Now can anyone figure that out. Some day I hope to go to just one Dr. I just have to wait until I can get some medical insurance. And I won't saying about what the government is promising. As if I would believe them.

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