Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Nov. 9, 2009

It Monday would have been my moms birthday . She would have been 79 today. I lost her 10 years ago on my 46th birthday and 2 days after the birth of my 1st Granddaughter. I miss her and my dad so very much. Especially while I'm still trying to deal with losing my husband. I spent most of Sunday morning and again Sunday evening in tears. It's so hard to believe that it's going on two years this week. That day is still so vivid that is seems like yesterday and the pain is still so intense at times. My youngest daughter and her family came over yesterday for a while. The grand kids sure can take your mind off all the hurt. They are so young and happy. They are my youngest grandchildren of the 5. Mo my granddaughter is 4 and Bradley (named after my husband) is almost 2. To watch them playing out in the sunshine made everything all right.

But when night closes in and you are sitting alone in the house, all the longing and the loneliness comes back ten fold.

But the sun is shining again today and I'm at work. So I know that the next 9 hrs will be OK. My friends will make me laugh, my customers will make me forget (for now), and that is all I can ask for. And tonight I get my hair cut and colored, and that always make a women feel better.

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