Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nov. 22, 2009

It's Sunday morning and it's so foggy out. It's suppose to be a nice day today. The kids got a lot of my leaves done yesterday, and it's looking better. I feel so exhausted, like I haven't even been to bed yet. When I go to the doctor on the 1st I'm going to ask him for some medication. I think I need some again. The only way to explain my feelings is to say..I feel like I did 2 yrs. ago. I have lost all my parents, aunts & uncles, but I didn't feel this way after two years. For the last six months I felt like I have been making progress in moving on, but now I feel like I'm back at the beginning. I know I need some extra help. It might help if my knees didn't hurt so bad. I wish I had insurance so I could get some help for them. Brad died..lost insurance. Make to much to get help, but not enough to pay for my own. What can I say? LIfe sucks.
So today I'm going to do my dishes and clean out the fridge. This afternoon I'm going to a family gathering to visit some of my cousins. That should be fun. I'm back to taking in one minute at a time.

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